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UHTTP library

This "library" started off as a simple test for how usocket library works, and grew a bit in size.

It now contains some basic HTTP functionality - retrieval of headers, parsing of GET arguments, parsing of urlencoded POST data, in-code HTML generation, etc.

This is version 0.1.0. The server side contains pretty much all that is there to it, topped with the with-accepted-client macro, that is pretty much a one-liner server "function"; all that is left for the user to do is to respond accordingly. The client side, on the other hand, is minimal, with just connect, read, and write functions.

Future extensions will include:

The code is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Source Code


Including the ASDF definition file.

Source Code

all in one

Download uhttp.tar.gz (4.28 kB).