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...does this place look like this?

[2012/05] I've put together this site in two weeks two years ago, and didn't have time to make it into the place I planned ever since. I'm currently working on few sites, and hope to reuse the CMS system I'm working on to get this place alive... finally... Man can dream, man can dream.


...does it mean?

paskvil (czech) - nowadays typically denotes an unsuccessful imitation of the original artwork, caricature of the initial concept, incongruous or dauby work of art etc.


...with the hand?

It is the sign for the letter "P" in American manual alphabet. If you still ask why... well, it just caught my eye while looking for some graphics to use...


...this all then?

There are simply things I can't put on my blog, so I decided to go all the way - get the full hosting. As I hate to update bookmarks myself, I left my blog where it is, but all the rest will be putting here...


...can be found here?

Depends on the time I have on hands (very little lately); my plans include: